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Activities at La Salle Institute

We strongly believe in educating and enriching the whole student, and that includes offering valuable experiences outside of the classroom, too. Our diverse list of extracurricular activities and clubs offer opportunities for nearly every interest and passion, led by inspiring and enthusiastic faculty. 

At La Salle Institute, before and after school, activities keep the school alive from early to late in the day. Both the middle school and high school have a wide variety of activities, all of which are designed to enrich the total experience of life as a student at La Salle and expose students to new interests.

Over two thirds of the student body is involved in an extracurricular activity every day! While not every club or activity may be offered every year due to the level of student interest, we always offer a multitude of activities. The opportunity to “try out” new interests is one of the great benefits of attending La Salle!