The Middle School program at La Salle Institute offers a “school within a school” experience, allowing younger students to receive personalized attention while still learning from their older peers. Students in the Middle School program at La Salle benefit from the structure and discipline that is part of a Lasallian education, with a high degree of caring and concern blended in. They are offered more direction, more guidance and more support as they build the habits they need to propel them into high school and in life.
Each week, the students of the entire Middle School class meet to discuss their education and their own personal growth. They participate in student-led conversations related to developing proper study habits, how to introduce themselves, the importance of dress, how to handle difficulties you encounter in life and how to be a good citizen in the world. Students participate in a special middle school leadership council with their peers, have a separate honors program and receive awards from their teachers for areas like most improved, outstanding effort and positive actions.
Academically, middle school students benefit from a varied, integrated curriculum that sets the foundation for future academic success and instills confidence in their role as a student.

But the focus isn’t all academic. There are also many special events to develop a sense of community among students and to get the students out and doing things together – whether it’s a skating party or a trip to West Point to attend a football game. The Middle School faculty and staff believe that success comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact, the staff maintains that as long as students are giving their best - they are being successful.


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Did You Know?

  • The Middle School is its own "school within a school."
  • The Middle School at La Salle meets each Wednesday morning to review announcements and applaud student achievements.
  • Each week the Middle School has a character challenge for all students.
  • The Middle School features its own Student Council named the Student Leadership Council.
  • Each semester the Middle School holds its very own Honors Assembly.
  • Middle School Career Day is held every March.
  • Middle School students can enroll in accelerated classes.
  • Several Middle School students are inducted into the National Junior Honor Society each November.
  • The Great Escape Field Trip is held each June for the entire Middle School. 
  • Middle School Sports Night is held every year and is a fun, entertaining competition of all Middle School homerooms.
  • Middle School students participate in several clubs and activities.
  • The Middle School Graduation Ceremony is held each June, completely separate from the High School Graduation.
  • All Middle School students strive to show a caring and positive attitude.
  • Integrity and hard work are two qualities that are discussed each day with Middle School students. 
  • 100% of Middle School students improve academically, behaviorally, socially, spiritually, and emotionally each school year.