Extracurricular JROTC activities enhance the entire Cadet by providing teamwork and leadership opportunities to deepen military knowledge, engage in skills training and demonstrate their pride in La Salle Institute.

Drill Teams

Drill teams include the McCormicks (Junior Varsity) and the O’Donovans (Varsity). The teams are composed of students that are interested in the fine art of Military Drill. As a Junior Varsity member, Cadets practice drill without the use of weapons. Once they progress to Varsity, they will be able to compete at armed events. The teams participate in several performances throughout the year and engage in competitions with other JROTC Schools in New York and New England. They march in local parades and compete annually at the national drill competitions in Florida.

Honor Guard

The La Salle Honor Guard consists of the Lieutenant Colonels and Colonel of the brigade staff. As members, they assist in various events and ceremonies such as funerals, weddings and other appropriate requests by the local community.

Color Guard

Students in the Color Guard fulfill the responsibility of carrying the National, State, Papal and La Salle flags at numerous events, local parades, athletic competitions and ceremonies.

Rifle Club

Interested students have the opportunity to join the La Salle Marksmanship Club. The club uses pellet rifles at the RPI Rifle Range, usually three times a week after school. Transportation from La Salle to the RPI Range is provided. Students are responsible for transportation from RPI to their home. The rifle range and students are trained and supervised by a certified NRA instructor.

Military Ball

Each year, JROTC Cadets sponsor and host a formal military ball. Participation in this event is exceedingly popular, and it has been said that it is the high school social event in the local area. That being said, a great deal of work goes into planning and hosting the Ball. This event gives students the opportunity to experience the fine aspects of dining in a formal setting with their classmates, fellow students and their dates.


Senior Cadet Officers, under the supervision of the JROTC Leadership Department and the homeroom moderators, are responsible for conducting dress code compliance inspections for high school students during homeroom periods.
  • At the conclusion of Morning Prayer, the Cadet officer enters the room and calls the class to attention and present arms. At that time, everyone will say the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Once the pledge is completed, the officer will tell the students to order arms and prepare for inspection. Students are required to line up in front of the officer in a quiet manner, stand at the position of attention and be inspected.
  • Students requiring major uniform corrections or students who have questionable shaves or hair styles will be required to report to the JROTC Leadership Department for corrective action or consequences.
  • All high school students are required to be inspected. On Tuesdays, 9th grade inspection will be conducted during 9th grade morning assembly.
  • Dress code inspection is a major process in leadership development by emphasizing personal accountability for one's appearance actions. 

JROTC Drills

The JROTC Leadership Department is responsible for preparing Cadets for a number of functions requiring rehearsal and preparation time. These functions may include parades, inspections, formal ceremonies and competitions. In order to allow time for practice, certain times are set aside during the normal school day.