Welcome to La Salle Institute and thank you for your interest in our school. As parents, we make many decisions and some have more impact than others. Deciding where your child will attend middle school and high school is a decision that directly impacts their future. It is important to select a school that closely matches your child's personality, interests, abilities and values. When they arrive at their new school on that first day they should feel at home, and you, as a parent, should be confident in the choice you made as a family.

For 170 years, La Salle Institute has welcomed young people to our student centered, faith based school and provided them with a superior and well-rounded education. Our staff and faculty touch the hearts of our students and stimulate their minds. Your child's individuality will be cultivated, nurtured, and encouraged while they become an integral part of our Lasallian Community. They will have the opportunity to become a strong leader of character, prepared for their adult life in college and beyond, to include service to their community and our nation. At La Salle, your child will experience a community that fosters a positive learning environment grounded in our core values of Truth, Honor, and Duty.

As you consider your child's education, we are glad you are considering La Salle Institute. We do everything we can to make students feel welcomed and at home when they arrive on that first day and throughout all their days as a Cadet. I invite you to learn more about our school, and I hope you will visit us and see for yourself what makes us exceptional.

I look forward to meeting you!

Joseph B. Raczkowski ‘72
sp                ace

Our Mission

The mission of La Salle Institute is to educate its students in a loving, caring, supportive environment to inspire them to become moral, responsible and productive members of their communities with a commitment to truth, honor, and duty.

La Salle Institute accomplishes this through excellence in teaching by a dedicated staff and through imparting Christian values in the tradition of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle. This responsibility is shared by all members of the Lasallian community.