As the Capital Region's leading Catholic co-ed college preparatory school, we're committed to preparing and launching our graduates into successful college experiences and meaningful careers. With that, it’s our pleasure to share with you this exciting news!

Through an innovative partnership with neighboring Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC), ranked as one of the largest and most productive two-year colleges in the United States, LSI high school students can earn up to 12 college credits over four years at no cost to families. This is the only program of its kind among private schools in the area.

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An opportunity to explore.

A big part of college prep is helping students explore what fields interest them the most and where they excel. Doing so early can give students an advantage as they enter college and navigate their academic pathway. LSI's Cadets in College program allows high school students to take college coursework across 6 disciplinary tracks, with each track offering several interesting and relevant classes.

New experiences and perspectives.

Unlike similar programs in the area, this program includes classes that will be taught by esteemed HVCC faculty members on HVCC’s campus with other college students—an experience that’ll help make the transition into college that much easier.

Save time and money.

We know college is expensive. Graduating high school with up to 12 college credits that cadets may transfer into college puts them closer to their degree and ultimately saves them a lot of time and money. Want more than 12? Families can tack on additional college credits at a significantly reduced rate.

Students get a leg up.

LSI will pay for up to 12 college credits over the course of a student’s four years in high school. In fact, it’s possible for students to graduate with a high school diploma, associate degree, and a certification in a trade! That translates into a significant advantage when it comes to applying for college or entering the workforce.
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For More Information Contact:

Matt Michaud

Vice Principal for Academics & Middle School
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Tara Gilligan

Administrative Assistant
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