College Info

This is a reminder to please bring in copies of any acceptance letters and/or emails to Ms. King. In addition, we are keeping track of scholarship awards and would also appreciate scholarship and award letters as well.
Please remind your seniors to update any college acceptances on SCOIR.  This will allow me to also send mid-year grades and final transcripts that are required.  For mid-year grades your student must inform me whether their college requires them.  Checking emails and the portal will inform them what is needed to be sent. The semester ends January 26th, therefore by February 9th mid-year requests should be emailed to me and I'll send them by February 9th.
As you know the FAFSA has been updated and the rollout has been slow and somewhat confusing. I am also learning what the new expectations and requirements are. Below you will find some  resources that may assist you with the process.