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Contact: Linda King, Director of Guidance/College Placement
College visits
As you know the landscape of college admissions is ever changing.  One of the criteria that creates confusion is the SAT and ACT. Hundreds of colleges will remain test optional moving forward and using a holistic approach to the application review.  This review includes grades, course rigor, community service, activities, leadership, jobs, letters of recommendation, our school profile and sometimes interviews.  One suggestion in creating a smoother college application experience is to begin college visits now; coordinate during vacations, long weekends and schedule an afternoon to tour some of our local colleges.  One website that is recommended is
If your son or daughter is interested in a university that requires the SAT/ACT we have partnered with Jim Addeo, who offers test prep courses virtually and in person.  He will be starting up some prep in the spring of 2024.  His phone number is 518-727-7105 to obtain more details.  Please mention they are a La Salle student and you will receive a discount.
The web site to register for the SAT is and ACT is
If your son or daughter recently took the PSAT scores will be available online after Thanksgiving, (they each created a username and password) to access the results.  La Salle does not receive paper copies therefore results are only available from the college board.  Please reach out with any questions and have a wonderful day.