Capital Campaign Announcement

La Salle Institute Announces $5.8 Million Capital Campaign

Campaign is the largest in the
school's 170-year history  

(TROY, NY) – La Salle Institute kicked off its $5.8 million capital campaign, Proud of our Past – Assuring our Future on Monday, May 24, with an event hosted at the school. The campaign, the largest in  the school's 170-year history, focuses on growing financial aid and tuition assistance, updating and  expanding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classrooms and curriculum, and  fulfilling a building revitalization plan.  

"Our decision to proceed with our campaign, even amid the pandemic, is consistent with our desire to be  proactively forward-thinking and assure a strong future for La Salle,” said La Salle President and  Principal Joseph Raczkowski, an alumnus of the class of 1972. “The generous response from our alumni,  friends, and other benefactors in this, the largest campaign in our school's history, is immensely  encouraging. It is a strong endorsement of La Salle Institute's mission today and for decades to come. We  prepare confident leaders of character who work towards the betterment of others. Those values are  needed in today's society more than ever." 

Since its founding 170 years ago, La Salle Institute has been a valued presence in Troy. Its mission is  guided by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, whose vision for education has been sustained worldwide for  more than 300 years. 

"La Salle has been an important part of my family for three generations, and it continues to be a  wonderful experience for students throughout the Capital District. "Proud of our Past – Assuring our  Future" is a highly ambitious initiative that will have a profound impact on our students and La Salle's legacy. We must strive to provide a Lasallian education to every deserving student and to assure hard working families that their son or daughter has a place to excel at La Salle," said Campaign Chair Donald  C. Reutemann, class of '71 alumnus. 

The campaign will run through December 31, 2021.