La Salle Institute Announces Construction Plans

Architectural plans and design renderings for new and remodeled bathrooms and locker rooms have been completed and work will begin on April 1st.  The construction timeline is as follows:

Girl’s Bathrooms: Thursday, June 24th – Tuesday, August 24th
Girl’s Locker Room: Thursday, May 27th – Friday, August 13th      
Boy’s Locker Room: Thursday, June 24th – Friday, July 30th
La Salle has also installed multiple air purification and filtration units in classrooms, hallways, offices, common areas and large spaces.  These systems continually filter the air throughout the building, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, greatly reduce the spread of current and future viruses.
In the coming weeks, Elkay water fountains will be installed throughout the building.  These stations will allow for easy filling of personal water bottles for our students, supporting hydration that is essential to a healthy learning environment.