Daily Announcements

Our Penny Wars fundraiser for our sister school, St. Mary's in Nyeri Kenya, has really started to heat up!  We are just under $500 in our fundraising efforts so far! Keep up the great work, Cadets! As of this morning, the current ranking in the Penny Wars from top down goes as follows: 6th grade is CRUSHING the competition with 8,185 points while 7th Grade is in 2nd place with 4,933 points. The sabotaging factor has really come into play for everyone else...8th grade has negative 63 points, Faculty and staff have negative 151 points... 9th grade has negative 1,235 points, 12th grade has negative 2,650 points, 11th grade has negative 2,761 points, and 10th grade has really taken a punch with negative 3,259 points!! A reminder that the grade with the most points by the end of Tuesday in both the Middle School & High School will win the Penny Wars and earn a dress down day! Let's keep the competition going and continue our support of St. Mary's!!