La Salle Institute Portal

At La Salle Institute we use a combination of the Blackbaud student/parent portal and Google Classroom to provide our students and parents with the academic information they need to be successful.

What is Blackbaud?

Blackbaud is a student information system that offers parents and students online access to a secure site with personalized information about a student’s academic program and progress. The password protected portal will help to make communication among students, parents, teachers, and administrators more efficient. Student report cards, interim reports, academic schedules, and assignments are posted here as well as yearly academic course selections.

How to Get the Most out of the Blackbaud Portal

The portal system we use will help your student stay organized and on top of academic work. Each student and parent has their own account on the portal.
To log in to the portal, go to and click on myLASALLE in the top right corner or go directly to The website and portal are best viewed on a computer because the mobile version is condensed but either will give you all the information you need.

The "Progress" tab shows all of the student’s classes and their overall grade for each class on the main page. Additionally, there is a button that says "See grade detail" next to each class. If you select that button you can see a breakdown of the overall grade by categories (tests, quizzes, homework, etc.), when they were assigned, when they were submitted, what the grade was, and any notes the teacher wrote when they graded it. This is one of the best ways for students to keep organized and on top of their work.

Another important place to look is the "Assignments" tab. When you first open the “Assignments” tab, the page will have the assignments showing by class alphabetically for a week at a time. You can change how you view the assignments by clicking on "due.” Doing this will sort the assignments by due date instead of alphabetically by class. You can also choose to see a day, a week, or a month at a time.
There is also a "Schedule" tab that shows the student's daily schedule and any changes in their day to day schedule. The student’s cluster classes change every two days day of the six day cycle. The current day number of the cycle will be on this tab as well at the top of the schedule page on the blue bar with an "i" for "info.”

Usernames & Passwords

Every parent and guardian with portal access will have their own login ID.  If you have more than one student at La Salle, you will only need one Blackbaud account and login to access the information for each of your children.
If you are unable to get onto the portal for any reason, please contact the main office or your school counselor and we can reset your username/password.

Additional Information

Blackbaud also provides teachers the ability to share additional course information such as study guides, class documents, assignments, homework, scheduled assessments and class updates. Teachers have been engaged in Blackbaud training and are at different stages in learning how to use the system. As a result of this variation, individual teachers may provide more information than others. Parents will likely see more class-specific information added throughout the school year as teachers become more familiar and gain experience with Blackbaud.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the everyday classroom at La Salle, especially for virtual students. We are as paperless as possible so most assignments are posted and completed on Google Classroom.  Each Google Classroom is run by the teacher for that class so if you have questions about a specific class the best person to ask is that teacher. Additionally on Google Classroom, if you/your student goes to the "Classwork" tab, you can click on "View your work" towards the top of the page, and it will show the current grade, all of the work that has been done in the class, and any work that is missing.