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JROTC Leadership at La Salle Institute

Our Army JROTC has been an integral part of La Salle Institute since 1891 when the Cadet Battalion was first formed with 128 students. Today, the program is known as the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Program. The program continues to play a vital role in the high school educational process. It is designed to complement the efforts of the entire staff and faculty in motivating young men to become better students, citizens and members of society.The program is structured to support the La Salle mission of inspiring young men to become moral, responsible, and productive members of communities with a commitment to “Truth, Honor and Duty.” 

The JROTC program does not propose to make soldiers of La Salle students. Instead, we are committed to building individual self-discipline, personal responsibility, pride in self and team, and respect for authority, especially when exercised by equals.

The goal of the JROTC program at La Salle is to:

  • Nurture personal growth by continually emphasizing the ethics and principles that foster good citizenship and good leadership.
  • Instill discipline by a daily routine of inspections and holding students accountable for their appearance and actions.
  • Provide practical experience in leadership by entrusting students with leadership responsibilities and holding them accountable for their actions.

The aims of the program are:

  • To maintain and enhance the appearance of the students and the reputation of the school by requiring students to properly wear the school uniform neatly and to act with courtesy and politeness when interacting with other students and the staff and faculty.
  • To provide a realistic system of merits and demerits, which will allow all cadets, who wish to excel, the opportunity to achieve the highest rank available to members of their class.
  • To achieve a high degree of student government in the conduct of the JROTC program. The JROTC activities are planned and directed by the students, with concurrence and guidance of the JROTC Instructors.

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