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Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) Dual Credit

La Salle Institute’s campus is adjacent to Hudson Valley Community College, one of the top community colleges in the nation. In 2009, La Salle initiated a program to provide greater opportunities for students to receive dual high school and college credit for more than 20 electives, as well as courses in computer science, physics and calculus.  

Except for physics, these courses are offered in addition to the electives and calculus courses already offered by La Salle. For example, selected students will have the option to take calculus on campus at La Salle or to take the equivalent course at HVCC. The calculus credits for students earning an A or B grade at HVCC are accepted at many colleges, including RPI and Cornell.

The physics curriculum continually changes, with a new stress on alternate energy and nanoscience. HVCC is becoming a national educational leader in both areas. By taking physics at HVCC, our students are not only being provided with dual high school and college credit (8 credits), but are exposed to a physics curriculum that better prepares them for the future.

In order to accommodate our program with HVCC,  La Salle's schedule was adjusted to enable students to take courses at HVCC during either the first or last period of the school day. 

Nearly 80% of our seniors take advantage of this program. 

Except for physics, students attending HVCC take the courses at their own expense. Students taking physics pay 50% of the tuition.

The HVCC Dual Credit program is open to students who qualify.