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High School Experience

The High School program at La Salle Institute is designed to prepare young men for college, giving them the academic, spiritual and moral tools they need to succeed for the rest of their life. 

Freshman year is a transitional year. For this reason, all students meet on a weekly basis to talk about transition issues, to build camaraderie and to make sure boys are comfortable among their peers. Activities are provided to help students get to know one another and to help them feel like family.

The High School academic program is structured to challenge and support all students. For students who need extra help in subjects like Math or English, our resource center is available to provide extra attention and tutoring. Schedules may also be adjusted based on a child’s specific needs and to put more focus on problem areas.

Our students have achieved a 100% college acceptance rate!

The benefit of a small, family-oriented school like La Salle is that no student goes unnoticed in our halls. Those who may fly under the radar elsewhere are recognized here at La Salle and challenged to excel and to reach their true potential. Students are encouraged to seek out honors and advanced placement classes, as La Salle is a school where “good” is not good enough.

Students who are found to excel academically are given new opportunities to take their education further, like the chance to take college classes while still in high school or to participate in a hands-on, internship-led business program that actively engages students in their local community.


Did you know that 70% of our senior class takes a course on the HVCC campus adjacent to La Salle Institute?