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Student Senate

For La Salle Institute students in grades 9, 10 and 11, participating in the Student Senate is a privilege and an important responsibility. Your role as part of the Student Senate is to act on behalf of your fellow peers and also benefit the larger community as well through various service related activities, such as the Blood Drive (twice a school year), Thanksgiving Food Drive, and Christmas Toy Drive. This is only a sample of the activities that the Student Senate is employed in during the school year. You are also responsible for setting a good and positive example for the rest of the school, upholding the standards and policies of the school, along with enforcing those standards and policies. The Student Senate is also responsible for coordinating and conducting school dances that brings the entire high school community together for hopefully an enjoyable time. Again, being a member of the Student Senate is a full school year commitment and you must understand this before you make the commitment to seek election as a Student Senate representative for your grade.

In order to participate in Student Senate, you must be in good academic and behavioral standing at school. That means you are working hard academically and you are not a behavioral problem to administrators, the faculty, staff, and your fellow peers. In order to become a member of the Student Senate, you should not be failing any subjects. Three teachers, an administrator and the moderator of the Student Senate (Mr. Jaime Hayes) must sign the form attached before your name is considered for running for a position on the Student Senate. The three teachers and administrator you seek signatures from should vouch for your solid standing an ability to be a productive member of the Student Senate.

You also must come before the moderator (Mr. Hayes) and the current Student Senate membership and explain why you want to become a member of this organization. You need to explain the skills, talents, and abilities you have that can benefit the organization in a profound way. Once this has occurred, the Student Senate moderator (Mr. Hayes) and the Senior class representatives will decide whether or not you merit running and serving as a Student Senate member.

Below are the rules for campaigning for election into LaSalle's Student Senate:

  • Candidates must run individually and not as a team.
  • No negative campaigning, negative campaign advertisements, or campaign slogans. This means no negative campaigning on school grounds or on the internet. If this occurs, then that person will be removed from the ballot and may face further consequences due to poor behavior/judgment.
  • There will be no defacing of another candidate's campaign posters.
  • Handing out gifts of any kind is prohibited. If this inappropriate action takes place, the candidate will be removed from the ballot.
  • No promises are to be made by the candidates to their fellow classmates.
  • Campaigning, in a positive and constructive way, is allowed and will happen over a week or so period.
  • Campaign posters must gain approval from the moderator of theĀ Student Senate (Mr. Hayes) before they are placed throughout the school. Failure to gain approval will result in your name being eliminated from the ballot when the election takes place.

We hope you will take the opportunity to be a part of La Salle's Student Senate and help make a real difference at school and in the larger community, furthering the mission of St. John Baptiste de La Salle in the process.