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Work Study Program

All students have the opportunity to apply to become part of La Salle Institute’s Work Study Program. For many students, this program allows them to earn money toward their tuition, while also teaching them personal responsibility and creating a deeper connection to their school.

Students in the Work Study Program receive an $8 per hour tuition credit for their completed work. Student hours are tracked and the credit is applied at the end of each period. Students who complete 25 or more hours receive an additional $50 incentive award.  All students receiving significant financial aid (more than $3,000) are asked to sign up for one of the work study periods.  

Like any job, students will be held accountable for their work performance. 

Opportunities for Work Study exist both during the school year and over the summer.

This work may include duties such as dusting and cleaning, vacuuming, emptying waste paper baskets, mopping areas, sweeping and cleaning dry erase boards.