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Special Education

Unique to most private and parochial special education offerings, La Salle Institute has a full-time program consisting of two special-education teachers and one teacher assistant servicing students with individualized educational programs. Cognizant that each student arrives at La Salle with a different skill set, your son's program is tailored to meet his individual needs and the demands of his courses. 

Teachers work closely with faculty and staff to ensure a smooth transition for your son and to pave the path for his academic success. We pride ourselves on personal one-on-one communication with your son's content and special area teachers. 

Students in the program attend Advanced Placement (AP), Hudson Valley Community College, Honors, Regents and Non-regents classes. In addition, each student receives a 40-minute resource period built into his academic schedule providing instructional support as well as testing accommodations. 

La Salle is committed to the success of the Special Education Program, resulting in students receiving academic awards and achievements as well as college acceptance and scholarships. 

La Salle is also committed to working with students who have 504 plans. Through our guidance department, your son's plan will be shared with all of his teachers. Your son's guidance counselor will work closely with his teachers to ensure that his accommodations are met.