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Physical Education

The Physical Education department at La Salle Institute covers a variety of sports and exercises to improve the overall health of students and to encourage them to obtain new skills. 

In the middle school program, students focus on the development of the basic skills necessary to perform in a variety of activities, and are introduced to a variety of team and individual sports.  Team activities include units in Football, Soccer, Handball, I-Ball, Floor Hockey,Volleyball, Lacrosse and a variety of Kickball games. Units in Individual Sports include Wrestling, Badminton, Pickle Ball and Track and Field.

At the high school level, the Physical Education department provides the student with activities that will motivate and encourage participation. Our goal is to teach the students to exhibit lifelong fitness goals thru game activity, both individual and team. Ultimately, our purpose is to help all students gain the skills and knowledge to be physically active for a lifetime.

Physical Education classes are held daily for grade six, every three days for seventh graders and twice a week for older students.

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