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The Music department at La Salle Institute offers students many musical opportunities, from classic musical to jazz, from rock to march music. Through the Music department, the soul of the child is enriched as they develop an appetite to express their feelings, passions, emotions and desires, and learn to perform God’s music in a godly manner. 

La Salle is proud to offer opportunities in diverse performing ensembles, including the Cadet Blues Jazz Ensemble, the Symphonic Band and the Middle School Band. These groups perform several times a year during festivals, musical competitions and for La Salle’s family and friends at the Christmas and Spring concerts. Students are also taught important musical elements like rhythm, melody, harmony, articulation and range, as well as how to work as a group.

Through La Salle’s Music department, the students become a vehicle to touch the hearts and lives of others.

Interested in our Music department? Meet our Music faculty. 

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