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Fine & Performing Arts

The Fine & Performing Arts department at La Salle Institute provides students with both curricular and extra-curricular experiences to express their creativity and learn new life-long skills. 

Visual arts courses teach students the seven elements of art and principles of design, understanding how they are used to create two- and three-dimensional works of art. We explore the role of visual art in culture throughout history and focus on contemporary work as an integral part of what we see in our lives every day. 

This program provides students with opportunities to better understand the visual arts and demonstrate how it can be used not only in the art classroom but also in their core classes, such as Math and English.

Performing Arts opportunities also exist for students. The performing ensembles at La Salle include the Cadet Blues Jazz Ensemble, the Symphonic Band and the Middle School Band. Each ensemble provides students the opportunity to develop skills in a variety of music styles from gospel to classic to jazz to pop music, while also teaching proper instrument technique, music reading and listening skills. The band ensembles hold multiple performances throughout the year, allowing students to hone their skills and show off their successes.

Interested in our Fine Arts department? Meet our Fine Arts faculty.

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