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The English department at La Salle Institute is designed to give students a working knowledge of correct and formal English, both spoken and written. It additionally aims to help students develop a life-long appreciation of reading and to develop organization of thought and speech. 

The purpose of the English department’s curriculum is to instill confidence in a students’ ability to write and to appreciate, enjoy and interpret literature. Students are taught critical literacy skills, critical reading and analysis skills, vocabulary development, research methods and analytical writing, and they are given an appreciation of diverse literature and authors. 

The department offers opportunities for La Salle students to become culturally literate individuals who have an ability to speak with strength, write with authority and think creatively and independently. Cross-curricular activities, as well as creative uses of technology, work to enhance the learning process.

Honors and advanced placement opportunities are available.

Interested in our English department? Meet our English faculty. 

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