Questions and Answers

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Why did La Salle embark on this Mission Expansion?

    After 171 years of La Salle’s presence in Troy, it was time to open our doors to girls and young women and provide them the same opportunity and exceptional educational experience that we have been providing boys and young men for so many years. The prospect of accepting female students was already part of a larger strategic exploration. In other words, this possibility was one of a number of possible future development plans being discussed over many years, as we continually seek to enhance and improve LSI. 

    As we considered the strength and longevity of the La Salle Institute educational heritage, the compassionate competence of our faculty and staff, and the financial realities of private education, we made this important decision. Nearly two-thirds of Lasallian Catholic middle and secondary schools across the country offer a coeducational experience; our intent is to be proactively forward-thinking in assuring a strong future for our school and strengthen and expand the legacy of La Salle Institute. 
  • Q. What does a co-educational La Salle Institute look like, 2 separate schools or completely integrated?

    We are a fully integrated co-educational academic institution, operating as one school community.  The establishment of new activities, such as sports for girls and young women, has already begun in earnest and will continue to be instituted over time and as quickly as possible.
  • Q. What grade levels are allowed to attend? 

    La Salle Institute will continue to enroll girls and young women in grades 6 through 11, the exception being seniors.  That is a continuation of the policy that was established many years ago regarding registration of seniors.
  • Q. What is the Leadership Program at La Salle and has anything changed with the JROTC Program?

    The leadership program and curriculum directly address preparation for college and career.  It is the only program of its kind in our region where young men and women work collaboratively, just as they will in the real world.  The JROTC Leadership program continues as an important part of our school culture, and we invite you learn more about Leadership at La Salle by visiting our dedicated page. 
  • Q. Have there been modifications to the school uniform, and what will the girl’s uniform look like?

    The school uniform is a very important part of our discipline, tradition and image, and uniforms will continue to be part of the La Salle experience.  For more information, please visit our Uniform Guidelines.
  • Q. What sports are being offered for female students?

    There are indeed athletic opportunities and sports teams for La Salle’s female students! Title IX will be adhered to and girls and young women attending La Salle will benefit from the athletic tradition and offerings that LSI students have enjoyed for so long. Although it will take time to field all of our women’s teams, girls at La Salle can immediately participate in sports such as cross country, indoor track, track and field, golf, swimming and bowling.  Please see our Athletics Page for more information.

Beginning in September 2021, La Salle Institute expanded its mission and became a coeducational school, joining the nearly two-thirds of Lasallian Catholic middle and secondary schools across the country who are coeducational.