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Summer Enrichment Program 2017

The summer enrichment program at La Salle Institute is designed to give students the opportunity to take courses that are either not offered during the school year or that students may not have had time to take due to scheduling conflicts.  The majority of the courses offered over the summer are unique learning opportunities, different from current school programs.

This course is being taught for the third year.  Sports, Entertainment Management covers all aspects of running sports or entertainment businesses from operations to marketing.  The course has both academics and project work as a part of the curriculum.  We will also visit sports and entertainment venues in the capital district.  In 2014 we visited the Tri-City ValleyCats, The Great Escape, and The Proctors Theater.  Grades 9-12

Sports and Entertainment Management, Mr. Levy, Grades 9 -12

This course covers all aspects of running sports or entertainment businesses from operations to marketing.  The course will also provide opportunities to visit sports and entertainment venues in the Capital District. Sports and Entertainment Management classes will begin on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 and run for 4 weeks.  Classes will be three hours in duration, from 8 AM to 11 AM, Tuesday through Thursday.

Introduction to Business Concepts for Middle School Students, Mr. Levy, Grades 6 - 8

Business Concepts will give students an initial idea of what it takes to create a product and run a business.  This course mirrors what the high school students take in their introduction to business course.  The focus of the course is the game creation project that allows students to use the imagination and creativity to create a board game.  At the end of the course the students will present their games to some business leaders to see if their games have the potential of being produced.  Urban Warfare (a game created by Ben Santandera and Adam Dollard, class of 2017) is about to go into production.  Classes will be on Monday 8 AM to 11 AM, and Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM starting July 10, 2017 and running for 4 weeks.

Cost of classes ($450)

The cost will cover the acquisition of text books and teacher payroll as well as any supplies that might be needed for the course.

All the courses will be course credit added to La Salle students' transcripts.  All other students will receive certificates of completion that they can add to their records.

For more information, please contact Mr. Mike Levy at